Abigail Hansley is the daughter of one of the Professor's oldest friends. Abigail's father took his own life at the Providence Mental Asylum after having a breakdown at the City's University. With a broken heart at the passing of her father Abigail fell into a deep depression. It was only the intervention of the Professor who had heard of her plight from friends and made the journey over from England, that prevented her following her father's path.

Fearing her return to depression the Professor attained a position at the local University and moved to Providence becoming her legal guardian and taking her into his home. As Abigail gained her zest for life again and showed signs of coming round from the dark path she had nearly followed, the Professor wondered at her sudden mood change and started to look more into her father's death. The investigation led to the unexpected truth of the cause, a creature of legend that fed on human despair like wine had taken residence at the University. On a night that changed her world Abigail saw that there were real monsters to be feared, as the Professor took her and cleansed the University of the Dream Whisperer that had driven her father to take his own life.

Deeply upset that her father had been pushed to breaking point by the vile whisperings of these other worldly creatures, Abigail begged for the Professor to teach her all he knew so that she could join his fight.

Abigail Hansley has shown herself to be a quick student of the arcane, gaining considerable power quickly and is able to adapt to almost any situation. Her arcane abilities get better each day but often her despair at the death of her father in the face of Mythos creatures comes through, making her reckless as she releases those pent up feelings with huge swings of her pick axe.

Abigail Hansley