Albert "Bertie" McFadden

Bertie was a British WW1 pilot of some renown, who fought in many actions during the European campaign. On a fateful day Bertie and 11 members of his squadron were engaged in a dogfight against an equal number of German machines. 

 A single shadow pushed through the heavy clouds above them looking as though it was going to attack from above. Signalling those around him to stay engaged Bertie throttled up and climbed to deal with the enemy. Confident in his skills, Bertie banked hard into the cloud chasing the shadow form and triggering his Lewis machine gun. With a screech the thing turned hard right back into his path not an enemy machine at all but a thing of teeth and leathery sinew. Like something from when dinosaurs walked the Earth it barrelled into him, his rounds seeming to have no effect on it as the creature slammed into his upper wing and started ripping into his aircraft. 

In desperation Bertie threw the controls hard to starboard, managing to dislodge the beast but in his panic he flipped his aircraft and stalled the engine with fuel, putting himself into a spin. 

Bertie managed to recover from the spin but the damage had ruined his trim characteristics making the controls heavy and barely responsive. With his height still rapidly falling he aimed for an open field, prayed to the Lord and crashed into central France. 

Lucky to survive it took him the rest of the war and help from the local resistance to return home, only to find out that the rest of the flyers from that day, both allies and enemy, had not returned from the fight. 

Unable to put into words what had happened Bertie took up a new name, that of a fellow aviator and fell into anonymity working as a pilot on anything that had wings. It was on one such flight to Egypt that he met a Professor who recognised him from his pictures in the papers some years ago. Curious the old man asked why he had changed his name and what had happened to him. After years of holding in his secret Bertie found the story being told before he could stop himself. Strangely the Professor seemed to take him at his word and they became fast friends. 

It wasn't long after, that the Professor broached the subject again with a strange book containing pencil drawn images of all manner of flying creatures. To his amazement one was of the creature he had seen. Now with even more questions for the old man Bertie couldn't contain himself blurting them out barely taking a breath between them. The old man just smiled and instead of just answers offered him a job, which Bertie accepted. 

Bertie has seen the horrors of war and is toughened to things that would shake most people to their core. A typical British gentleman he takes the protection of Abigail very seriously whenever they are together and will strive to overcome all in her presence. Having seen how little impact his bullets had on the creature from that fateful day, Bertie now carries one the Priory's newest weapons, a flamethrower and of course his trusty boot knife.