The Brotherhood

We are hungry, forever hungry. We smell the sweet copper tinge of human blood in the air and our control is put to the test. At first we could not suppress the lust for warm flesh, the pulse of our victims still beating heart boosting our adrenaline, our hunger, our ferocity, as we ripped and tore into them. We were loners feeding on Humanity, slaying any and all that we came across. But as loners we were isolated and Humanity found ways to bring us down, to bind us and eventually to kill us.

We are shape shifters living in the form of the men we used to be. We fed the hunger at first with animals and tried to learn control but time and again it failed. The scent of human blood in the air would trigger our inner beast and our forms would quickly change. The painful process of the transformation, balanced with the joy of knowing that with the change there would come a loss of self-control and the freedom to satiate our hunger.

The aftermath though was more than many could take, looking around at the families they had slain and the partly consumed forms of not only men but the women and children as well, some took their own lives rather than risk the threat they posed to Humanity.

That is when one came forth, the first of us, the Chief. One of us had managed to learn true control. One of us had taken what we thought to be a curse and managed to harness it with an iron will. We still needed to consume human flesh to survive. With it came strength, freedom from disease and with regular feeding the potential for immortality but we could no longer allow ourselves to just feed on any helpless victim.

A council was formed from the oldest amongst us. The solution, that we would protect Humanity from itself. We would save those who had done nothing wrong, we would help Humanity flourish. We would become their protectors, the police and those that upheld the law.

It allows us the freedom to walk amongst Humanity every day. It has given us a place in society, a purpose. We bring stability and safety to the towns and cities we live in. With the control we have learned we can once again live without fear of discovery. We have found allies amongst Humanity, those wishing to be chosen to bear the Wendigo burden. We no longer have to worry that our actions will lead us to our own deaths or worse, the complete loss of control that leaves us insane and stuck in our monstrous forms forever raging for human flesh.

But most importantly it would give us a never ending supply of fresh meat. We would be able to target those who were evil at heart, with no families and no-one to miss them when they were gone. For who cares what happens to the worst of the worst when they taste so good.