Custos Crypta

Guardians of the dead Pharaohs of Egypt, for thousands of years the Custos Crypta served the Egyptian Priesthood – creatures with an innate power and believed to have a connection with the Gods. In form they closely resemble the Scarab and many believe they were sent by the God Anubis as a death
icon due to their insatiable appetite for flesh.​

Their numbers had to be closely monitored by the Priesthood as they only have a short life cycle; towards the end of their life each one
lays eggs for the next generation which have to be harvested. After careful study, it was found they did not even need to procreate, that
they were asexual predators, almost perfect killers and therefore ideal Guardians for the tombs. If even just one managed to escape into
the populace who knows how far they would spread and what damage they would do.

While only small, in numbers the Custos Crypta with their scythe-like limbs and powerful jaws would leave only skeletons in their wake. When carrying out the final seal of a Pharaohs tomb a number of slaves were left alive in its maze-like passageways, not realising that they were not alone as the
eggs waited to hatch. Over time the growing young would find and feed on the slaves and anything else still alive in there until only their brethren were left. With no other food source, they would then turn on each other until only the strongest remained b
ut that was during the time of Egypt’s


For thousands of years the life cycle of the Custos Crypta has continued in the isolation of the tombs. Their only food source those others that survive the birthing process and with only a yearlong life cycle they have adapted and evolved within their own ecosystem. They have become more predatory, their bodies growing in size to be better able to fight and also provide more food when dead; their instincts have been honed to a razors edge, almost giving them the appearance of intelligence. An ancient threat to humanity happily contained within the tombs of the dead, protected by mazes, traps and the sands of the desert. Or so we thought..

Humanity in its curiosity has ventured back to Egypt, has begun to unearth those hidden places in its search to know what came before or in its greed for the gold and riches that were placed with the dead Pharaohs of the
past. The outer chambers have been breached; people have died in the maze and traps never reaching the tombs heart. The scent of blood and new noises reach the latest form of the Custos Crypta, a Guardian, the strongest and last of this generation its body swollen with eggs. From the dark corner of a room it views this new prey with a feral intelligence patiently awaiting its moment.

With the archaeological team directly below, it flexes its long legs and drops
silently limbs ready to rend and rip. Flaring its wings before landing it strikes hard and fast. In less than a second four bodies lie upon the ground, a growing pool of blood extinguishing the crude torch they carried. It reaches out to an object it had been unknowingly guarding all its life sensing the power within it. Mythos crackles into being at the creature’s touch, its power
flowing into the Guardian. Old wounds heal and stiff limbs loosen as a new spark of intelligence finds home in the Guardians mind. It remains only long enough to eat its fill before tracing the new scents back along the path by which the creatures came. Quietly it slips into the darkness of night, following the scents of the creatures it killed and hungry for the flesh of more.