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WargamerOnline also popped across and did an interview with us for their YouTube channel which was really cool and great to meet their team.

​​​​Salute 2017


Beasts of War and it's community have been great in supporting us and to give back we offered a prize to their Salute 2017 prize bundle. There is a heap load of stuff you can win by commenting on the link at Beasts of War which includes something of our very own, a pre-retail Faction of your choice. So why not try your luck and see if Great Cthulhu favours you, CLICK HERE and make a comment anywhere on the Salute thread for your chance to win.


Were you a backer that now wishes they had got an extra Faction or are you someone who missed the Kickstarter but are looking to pick up a Faction at retail? Well you have a chance of winning a Faction of your choice and receiving it when the Kickstarter Backers receive theirs in May, that's before it is available for retail.

The Order of the

Enlightened Path

Custo Crypta

The Paranoid Miniatures Team

Dom, Mark, Gareth, Stuart & Geoff.

Salute 2017 was a great day for us. We had quite a few of our backers head over to the stand and take a look at the miniatures. We had so much great feedback about the miniatures and a lot of people were really surprised that they were the final resin miniatures and not masters.