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​​​​Pre Order is now live!


Over the last year or so we put everything into completing out Mythos Kickstarter. We worked hard to make the best game possible with the funds that were raised which included each of us putting in some of our own money.

We worked with a number of talented artists, sculptors and graphics designers and not everything was smooth sailing.

We made a conscious effort to keep our backers up to date at all times even when this meant no news or bad news and hope they felt that we kept them up to date regardless of the situation.

By the end we found ourselves with a little money left over and put the money into creating a softback A5 rulebook for all our backers who pledged for at least one boxset, as it was something we know that a lot of them wanted.

Over the Kickstarter campaign we received comments and feedback at various points which steered us in the direction of our final product.

We made the models true scale to increase their detail and increased them from 28mm to 32mm.
We made cheat sheets and put them into separate cards for use while playing.
We made the cards that were heavy with text much larger to ease reading.
We did away with tokens and added tracker cards to keep the table tidy and all these are but a few of the ideas and feedback various people will know they came up with that we incorporated into Mythos.

With all the pledges shipped in the month we stated at the beginning most of us took a day off.

Then we looked at where we were at. We have found we have a small amount of stock left of each faction, which we are holding to deal with any issues with backers pledges but which is not enough to run a store.

So why 2 weeks and 5 weeks for our pre-order.

We feel two weeks will allow all those interested enough time to find out about the shop.

Having spoken to our production company five weeks is quite simply how long we believe it will take. The breakdown, around four weeks to produce an as yet undetermined amount of highly detailed resin miniatures. Concurrently procurement of the boxes, bases, packaging, foam and the printing of the boxart, cards and books ordered. A couple of days for the models to arrive and then the picking of the orders and organising their postage.

We have been open and honest at all times during our Kickstarter and believe in carrying that ethic into our pre-order.

We would love to have it all done much quicker but we would rather tell it as it is than disappoint people who have placed their trust in us.


The Order of the

Enlightened Path

Custo Crypta

The Paranoid Miniatures Team

Dom, Mark, Gareth, Stuart & Geoff.

Our webstore is now live! you will be able to begin pre-ordering a number of the different Factions for Mythos! All our pledges have been shipped from the Kickstarter campaign and so we can now offer up Mythos to everyone.