Lieutenant Jim Dugan is a well established member of the Providence police force having worked very hard to bring down what was a very high crime rate in the large town. Having served a number of years and working quickly through the ranks, he now heads up the detectives department, although you will rarely find him in his office as he believes in a hands on policy. Little do the men and women around him know the truth of the falling crime rate as Jim Dugan has a permanent solution to crime in this latest town he has decided to call home, those that won't be missed of course.

Jim has often found that people rarely question or miss the criminal elements once they have gone from a town and having moved around for over 200 years now he never stays anywhere for more than ten or so years or the people would begin to notice his lack of ageing.

Having been born in France all those years ago he moved to the frontier with his family after an incident with him and his brother at home as they learned their hidden nature. Only in this last decade has he been able to master the curse he bears, the curse of the Wendigo. Now he can change at will into the bestial form and even keep control of himself when changed, picking his victims and consuming just the flesh he needs before changing back. With consumption of human flesh comes long life through regeneration, boosted strength, acute senses and increased stamina. If only he could understand how he has managed to gain the control he now wields he could help the others like him and bring some semblance of his half brother back to Humanity. Rather than have to lock him away and feed him in his beast form that he can no longer make the change.

High up within the Wendigo clan and with his recent attainment of control he now stands above any other of the blood within the United States. Jim's cover and the role he plays has a few more years yet before the whisperings and questions begin and he searches frantically for answers to what has changed to allow him control like he has never had. What lore he brought with him leaves no answers but something about this place they are now in has been affecting and leeching the thirst that normally burned his inner being. One thing is for sure they will not be leaving until he knows the truth and all his kind have control over the curse.

Jim Dugan has been a law man in one form or another for over a century and rarely misses what he aims at, having honed his skills with an assortment of weapons over those years. In perfect health due to his other side he can be brutish when laying about with his baton, people often underestimating him. That being said when he changes into his Wendigo form he is a frightening foe to face, with teeth and claws he can rip you to pieces while consuming your flesh and healing almost any wound that doesn't immediately kill him.

Lieutenant Jim Dugan