Mythos is based in 1920's Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Humanity is pitched against unspeakable terrors. Countless degenerates have turned their backs on their kin to serve dark Gods and joined insane cults that seek blood just for bloods sake.

Multiple allegiances exist, each of them with different agendas whether for Humanity, or for their own nefarious goals. Drawing upon Mythos has had many names such as magic, arcania, shamanism and down through the ages knowledge has been learnt, lost and rediscovered.

Accessing Mythos opens doors that were once sealed, and can awaken horrors that have been slumbering or unaware of humanity's presence. Players will be able to choose from a variety of factions, all of whom have a special place in the game we are creating.

Each faction will give players the chance to explore the many different facetes that we are introducing into the game, continuing the horror and terror that H.P. Lovecraft set in motion those many years ago.

Rest assured sanity is a key component within this game