Oliver Driver is a man of hidden strengths and an anger born of bitterness, When he was born Oliver killed his first person, his mother. A very large baby, his mother only a slight woman lost her life to blood loss. His father, a bear of a man, lost what he thought was the only good thing in his life that day. As Oliver grew up his father left him in the care of various women at the loggers camp while he went out into the woods to earn a meagre pay cutting and felling trees.

Oliver always remembered his father as a hard man who wouldn't look him in the eye. For years as a youngster he tried to gain the love of his father, he worked hard at school, took care of his chores and helped around the camp without being asked but nothing was good enough. He began to feel bitter about his situation and became lazy and nonchalant, his father had begun to drink upon returning home and would just fall in his favourite chair sipping down the bottle until there was nothing left then he would get angry and stomp around the house bellowing for Oliver. The next day Oliver would often show the bruises of his father's hands and violent temper.

Most of the women of the camp had suffered the same at the hands of their husbands so none would confront his father but the site foreman, a soft man called Ben Ringer, saw the welts and bruises upon Oliver's face and went to speak to him. In the confrontation that followed Oliver's father picked up poor Ben Ringer and choked the life out of him before picking up a pick and shovel and with the dead man slung across his shoulder headed into the woods returning the next day. Oliver was amazed that not one person from the camp said anything, not even those who has seen the whole thing. A day or two later he was reported missing and after an extensive search by the authorities, it was decided he must have gone into the woods and fell foul one of the black bears. Another foreman was sent and work continued as if nothing had ever happened.

Oliver realised that he was alone and there would be no-one who would help him. At sixteen years of age and beginning to show the size of his father he decided he had had enough. Finishing the last of his chores, chopping the wood outside their little cabin, Oliver stacked it by the side of the cabin and walked through the front door carrying the long handled axe. His father was already a third of the way through his first bottle the smell filling the small space. Walking around to the front of his father he looked him in the eyes and clove his skull with the axe. Heading back to his room he gathered his belongings, went to the hidey hole where they kept what savings they had and left the cabin without looking back.

With a change in name and a spring in his step he made his way to Providence. Oliver was a perfect recruit for the police, quiet, forceful when needed. Oliver stayed within the black and white lines of the law but exploited the grey at every opportunity. When he accidentally witnessed the true form of Jim Dugan rather than shrink away he accepted it. Approaching the Lieutenant later in his office he boldly told him what he had seen and asked how he could gain that power. Jim explained of the curse amazed at the calmness of Oliver and slowly began to use him more and more to help him with Dan.

A bruiser and a bully Oliver enforces the law with a baton in hand feeling that guns are for cowards. He rarely backs down from a confrontation and with his beloved Storm beside him, will face down any man and doesn't believe in the term 'excessive force'. It's even been suggested that some criminals in his custody seem to have gone missing but no-one has been willing to confront him about it and no-one knows where the bodies end up.

Officer Oliver Driver