Stan Page is the only son of one of the last frontiersmen in the area. Old Bill Page had been in the area panning for gold and hunting the woodlands to the north for as long as anyone could remember. He and his wife joked that they had been the first colonists of Providence or at least their little bit of it. Every few months Old Bill, Martha and Stan would come down in their horse and cart and trade in furs and various salted meats for various tools and tack and anything else they needed before they disappeared back up into the hills again.

People were always surprised at the friendliness of the old couple and often tried to get them to move into the edges of the town, stating they weren't getting any younger but they wouldn't have any of it saying that they were quite happy where they were and when it came time for the good Lord to take them, they would happily go with a smile on their face in their home or on their lands. Stan had learned from a young age that he loved the solitude of the hills and the woods around him but sometimes he yearned for the company of other children his age. He always felt lucky to have such loving parents and his father joked he was as mature as most grown men when he was still a toddler. Never one to shy from his responsibilities he felt that doing what was asked of him was his way of showing his parents his love.

In his teen years his father began to take him hunting and by then Stan could tell you the tracks of every animal for thirty miles from his home, he was nearly as good as his father and even better with a rifle as his his father's eyesight had begun to fade with age. The responsibility of putting food on the table more often than not fell to him but when the Lieutenant from the Police made a trip out to see them and his father was asked to track a man they believed a murderer, his father would not allow him to go. As the years passed Stan started to make the odd trip into the town on his own, his curiously at the different lifestyles the people there led unlocked a want in Stan that he was still trying to understand.

It was on one such trip while wandering the town that he was approached by the police man who had once secured his father as a tracker. The man introduced himself as a Lieutenant Jim Dugan and gave him the sad news that his family had been attacked by what looked like a wild bear earlier that day and killed. Stan was stunned, his father had hunted bears all his life and for one to be able to kill him even at the age he was now seemed ridiculous to him. The Lieutenant took Stan over to the police station, where he identified the bodies. The wounds on his parents remains were terrible and could only have been made by a bear the claw and bite marks too big to be anything else in the area.

Returning back to the mountain Stan was unable to bring himself to enter the only home he had ever knew. At first light with rifle in hand he set off to track the beast to its lair and kill it but lost it tracks after only a short distance whee it crossed the wagon the Police had used to recover the bodies. Looping out in ever larger circles he spent the rest of the day looking for any signs but by nightfall had failed to find any. By morning he was tired and hungry and decided he had all he needed on his horse so as a final homage to his parents he set their hand built home to torch and without a backwards glance headed back to town. Finding himself back at the police station he once again spoke to the Lieutenant about work and somewhere to stay. The man kindly put him up and offered to enrol him into the police academy saying it would be honour to have someone with his skill set in the force.

Stan is a deadly shot with his rifle and an expert tracker. He has a wiry frame with hidden strength, and goes about his work and duty with diligence but during his free time is often seen heading back into the hills determined to find and kill the bear that killed his parents.

Officer Stan Page