​We are the rich and powerful, those men and women who with a whispered word or the smallest gesture can direct and change the course of humanity. For hundreds of years we have worked in the shadows building our resources and influence. Long ago we acquired the knowledge to prolong our lives through the lore of blood but in this last century we have become bored and restless.

There is now nothing we cannot do; our control is absolute and with that knowledge we have come to realise this world no longer holds anything for us. We have begun to look to other places, other worlds, other planes of existence to relieve this boredom and find new challenges.​

We have turned our power and influence to search for lore and legends of old, seeking knowledge in the libraries of humanity. We have scoured the world looking for a path to enlightenment and from a thousand different works written by the hands of a thousand madmen we have finally found our answer – a portal that can be opened to the plane of Dreams and a path to be
walked to a place of empowerment. But that path is guarded by a demon of many forms, trapped by a god who stopped the demon's own attempt to reach enlightenment. It now jealously guards against any others walking
where it could not.

But with the knowledge in our hands and our goal so close we cannot give up. We have found a way to draw the demon into our world through a man born of Mythos. The lore of blood is now used to summon the obstacle from the path but the creature is powerful and its need are great. Each day all round the world our altars run red with the blood of humanity, the bond of the demon and its vessel increasing with every moment. Soon that bond will become permanent, the path will be clear and the final ritual of blood can begin. The
death of an entire world will open the path to enlightenment and our ascension to godhood will begin.

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Order of the Enlightened Path