The Priory

We once stood amongst them many in number to fight the threats that came in the night. We were the shaman and medicine men, the witch doctors and soothsayers, the
seers and the prophets. We guided humanity and held in our minds the lore of generations.

Over the centuries we passed down what we knew by word of mouth and written script that others would know the truth and be able to fight against the darkness. But humanity
has become arrogant. Our libraries now collect the dust of time, the lore they hold sits unused and unknown. We find that our warnings are ignored, the truth of our words is no longer believed and our knowledge cast aside with contempt and derision.

There are not many of us left but we now ready for a war of nightmares. We have learned all our lore, forged our skills over the years with blood, sweat and tears. We may be few in number but there is no doubting we are the best there has ever been. We will stand between humanity and
the darkness that comes and we will give our dying breath so that humanity may have one more day in the light.

All that changed in a single night as a call to arms heard by all with the gift went out across the world. It seems those that left were mistaken, that even with all our knowledge and patience we have misjudged, that we have iscalculated. Even those of us who remained had started to think they
were gone for good, that we were merely preparing for the worst – never see it.

Many of our number have left secure in the belief that the threat has gone and we no longer need to fear what goes bump in the night. They have families and children of their own and use the knowledge that once protected humanity to conjure frightening tales at their children’s bedsides before they
go to sleep.

But there are still a few of us left, still some who have not been lulled into a false sense of security. We look into the dark places, watching and waiting forever vigilant. To hand we still bear the weapons that once
slew the monsters that dwelled there. Mythos is still strong in our veins, our bloodlines carrying our abilities from generation to generation but with time our numbers are dwindling and we fear for the future of all.

Humanity has flourished, but not on its own as it thinks. There are many things in this world that walk and crawl, fly and glide, swim and slither that are not part of the natural order; given the chance they would feed upon the
flesh and souls of those they found if not for us. However, times have changed, humanity has found its place in the world and they have developed at a pace we find hard to believe..