​​Professor Zachary Lazarus leads one of the last Priory Indigator teams. An English scholar changed by his near death experience and the deaths of his colleagues in Slovakia, the then university lecturer threw himself into studies of the occult, legends and myths.

He soon came to the attention of the Priory who approached him for recruitment which he accepted but with a single condition, that he would first be given the opportunity to set right a past wrong. It took nearly a year to put all of the pieces together but using the lore of the Priory now at his disposal Zachary was able to gain the information he had been looking for, the identity of the cultists and creatures who had attacked and killed his friends. A month later he was back in the forests of Slovakia surrounded by the dead and dying, with blade and arcane fire he cleansed the cult and it's beasts, leaving none alive to carry on it's vile acts. 

From this point on the Professor dedicated his life to learn all he could of the lore of the Priory. He honed his fencing skills back to a razors edge, something he had let fade with time and reinforced them with newly acquired arcane powers, feeding the fire of rage that had awoken within him in the forests of Slovakia.

Professor Zachary Lazarus is a powerful arcanist and a vessel of Mythos with true power but do not be fool enough to underestimate his other more basic abilities. A master fencer with a blade forged from the Priory's master craftsmen he will parry and dance around you until he has found your weak spot and then will exploit it in a single moment with a deadly thrust.

Professor Zachary Lazarus​