Sea Queen

Death and more death, its psychic resonance reaches out to me, touching my mind as I slumber. Lost souls scream out to me, calling in fear and terror. It’s almost enough for me to ignore my Fathers orders and wake from my slumber.

I rise through my dreams to the edge of consciousness. I can begin to feel the world above me, the scent of humanity has grown strong, turning from the gentle brush of a whispered breath to a gale force wind that crashes the sea against the land.

I turn in my sleep.

A single day with so many deaths it is felt not only by ancients like myself but our minions too. The taste of more than 60,000 lost souls makes my dreams turn to blood and sacrifice. For millennia I have existed yet rarely seen such a thing except in times of war. Other ancients like myself, are beginning to stir, their consciousness’ rising to the surface. But by Fathers law only one of us may walk the world at a time, for we harvest too many souls our hunger never ending.

It seems I was the first to take notice but then I have always been sensitive to my prey. Our Father ever slumbers but even He has been drawn up to new levels of consciousness within His dreams. He senses my thoughts and what the rest of the sons and daughters created from His dreams now feel a sea of human souls, enough to feed us all.

Humanity has grown. Its numbers must have swelled a thousand fold to bear such a heady aroma. We gentle push at our Fathers consciousness all asking for the opportunity to walk the Earth and see what the world has become. He brushes us aside leaving us mewling in pain and twisting in violent throes at the touch of His psyche, all but me that is.

I feel Him slide gently into my mind, with tentacles He reaches out touching my dreams and sharing His own. Gently He caresses me and leaves me in an ecstasy I have never known. He imparts upon me that this may be the time. That finally there is a chance for Him to wake. But for that to happen the portals must be activated and His creatures let loose on the world. Humanities numbers will be its own undoing. The fear and terror of millions will unlock the shackles that bind Him, both mentally and physically. He will be released to feed on the world and with the souls collected and consumed He will take His revenge on those that imprisoned Him here.

A clarion call, a psychic scream, a single thought from a God. It cuts deep into my mind, a violent act enraging, empowering and snapping me from my slumber. I rise to full consciousness and with a single thought raise my minions around me.

Never one to rush in I send forth my best to pave the way and see what awaits us upon dry land. I take in the new form my Father has given me as those around me do the same. I look almost human, the stubby appendages disgust me but at the same time I see the benefits and smile to myself.

I wonder if the world is ready for one of the daughters of Cthulhu.