Dan Flack is the half brother to Jim Dugan, sired from different fathers within their village but the same mother they are close both in years and their loyalty to each other. Although their life paths have become very different. Where Jim was an even tempered youngster before the curse took hold, Dan had always struggled with an inner darkness. Unlike Jim, Dan's father left him once he found out of the pregnancy and although Jim's father took him in as his own, a seed of anger bored into Dan's core.

When Dan was only ten years old he beat another boy to death in the village during a fit of rage and the family had to grab what they could and flee. Over the years Dan's temper kept them moving never staying anywhere for very long, Jim was the only one who could ever reach him when he had lost control. Only Jim knew the struggles Dan went through after his bouts of rage, often he would fall to sleep in tears, suffering terribly with pains in his head and hearing voices no-one else could.

At age thirteen the family had decided it was time to move on again and having packed the wagon headed to the next French town. A journey that would take them most of the day and into the night. As they journeyed they sang travelling songs and the boys would jump off the wagon and head off into the woods. Racing ahead of their parents they would carry out a mock ambush on them but as the day wore on their energy began to wane and they climbed back into the wagon glad to be able to rest. With the sun setting and the chill of night settling upon them they stopped to check over the horses before the final push.

As their father was checking the horses legs and hooves a man rushed from the woods edge, the flash of silver in his hand a knife's blade in the days last light disappearing as it pierced our father's side. Dan scrambled to his feet pulling his skinning blade from it's sheath as more men rushed in, he jumped from the wagon's back but was cuffed hard round the head as he landed and passed into blackness. He woke what must have only been a few seconds later lying face down. He reached up to his head to touch the blood he felt upon his face and for the first time in as long as he could remember his head pains were gone. Pain lanced through his whole body and a cry ripped from his very core which was joined by another as the world turned red. Dan's body twisted and ripped taking on a new form, sharp teeth and claws formed, his whole body grew in size and a hunger beyond anything he had felt before consumed him. Conscious thought disappeared as instinct took over and he charged into the men that had attacked them, rending and tearing until the scene was bathed in their blood and tissue. It was like waking from a dream as he sat up, all the men were dead, he and his brother wore ripped clothes covered in blood and neither of them knew what happened they just remembered the pain and losing consciousness.

Not knowing what to do the boys stumbled on through the night to the town. The people there stared in horror but with the boys in shock and unable to speak a search party was sent out tracking back to where they had come from. Everyone of them lost their stomachs contents having come upon the scene, a number of men had attacked the family killing the father and mother who for some reason remained whole with only wounds from the knife blades still at the scene. It looked like some sort of wild animals had attacked them, had ripped into the men taking large bites and gouging them with claws.

Jim said they should never talk about it and Dan didn't or at least not with anyone other than the voice that had now drowned out all others, a new friend and one that gave his anger focus and with it the giddy feeling of power.

Dan Flack long ago lost the ability to change form, his body is scarred and burned with the rituals of control that have been tried by Jim to get his brother back and gain control of the Wendigo curse. Unable to be seen in public, Dan Flack is often transported in a Police wagon when he travels for no-one looks twice at a rocking wagon with roars and growls coming from it as long as Police is on the side of it.

With little control he is devastating in combat, opening large wounds and tearing into foes, with consumption the horrid wounds inflicted upon him heal and the only thing that can get him back in the box is Jim in his Wendigo form or by baiting him back into the wagon.

Sergeant Dan Flack