Storm is a dog of some type, no-one is really sure of his exact breed as he seems to be considerably bigger than most and bears no resemblance to dogs of equal size. His flank show the scars of how he came to be part of the Police force. A number of fatal attacks had been occurring in some of the rougher parts of Providence and Oliver's foot patrol had changed along with a number of other officers to that area to try deter or find the culprit. A number of people had been attacked and killed by what looked like a rogue bear that had made a home somewhere in the town. Oliver had been paired with a rookie newly out of the training academy. Stan Page was his name and he was supposed to be an exceptional shot with a rifle.

A scream tore the air that sent the two of them racing into one of the alley's, the animal roar that followed set the hairs on the back Oliver's neck to stand. Stan moved ahead of him down the alley, his rifle tracking side to side as he hunted for a target. The crunch of bone could be heard followed by a yelp and another, Stan edged out around the corner, the rifle boomed in his hand and there was the crash of wooden crates splintering. Stan worked the bolt action with a practised ease, and let loose with a second shot before setting off after the thing. Oliver followed him into the dark area between the buildings to find a grisly scene. The shredded remains of a woman propped up against a wall and the remains of her dog. Upon the ground a blood spattered basket with what must have been puppies within it. A slight mewing caught his ear causing Oliver to move over to the basket and dig his fingers into the gore, pushing aside remains he lifted forth a single puppy. Its flank bleeding heavily and showing the white of ribs in places. It licked at the bloody wound upon its the fur a torn mess. Oliver took off his jacket and wrapped the dog within it, tearing off a section of his sleeve he wrapped the wound as best he could. Stan jogged back into view the Lieutenant in tow and their faces said everything they had lost their prey.

Oliver took the pup to the police vet who said it was a miracle the dog had survived at all and it was unlikely to make the night. Oliver felt an unusual attachment to the pup and refused to leave it's side and when morning came the pup still lived and the wound seemed to not be as bad as they had at first thought. Over the following days he could be seen with the dog in a basket at work, feeding and watering it. Oliver showed a care no-one believed he could have contained and it was amazing to all when the dog began to heal and soon found it's feet. Over the following weeks Oliver was seen walking his beat with the dog tucked inside his jacket. Naming the dog Storm after the weather of that night, Oliver became almost normal when in it's company. With the pup fast recovering and it's obvious tie to Oliver, the Lieutenant offered to let Oliver transfer into the canine section and train Storm.

Storm and Oliver soon became the best canine team at the department. Bigger than any other dog in the canine section Storm and Oliver became he go to guys and were often used for the most dangerous jobs. Aggressive but obedient on a single command, the strong bond between the two makes them a dynamic and adaptable pairing.