We gave ourselves over completely and in doing so became Her children, those who had once lived in harmony with nature would now twist, corrupt and blend it to their own desires. humanity in its greed and avarice had begun to rape the lands. The places of green and beauty were shrinking as machines of metal and smoke destroyed Her blessed realms. 

She could no longer allow this to happen. Through humanity's own children She would grow our numbers. Those unworthy would be blended with animal and creature, our healing arts conjoining their flesh and bone to make powerful allies and guardians.

Once again people would learn to fear those dark places in the woods and forests and soon we would take back all the lands we had lost and lay waste to their cities of metal and stone.

Once we were the healers, we made potions and salves and took away peoples pains and ills. From miles around they would come to us for treatment and through our hidden lore and medicine, we changed those faces filled
with pain or anguish to ones of smiles and joy.

We lived away from humanity, away from the villages and towns. The woods and forests were our home. Our ties with Mother Nature were strong and we enjoyed peace and tranquillity within her bosom.

In secret gardens we would cultivate the flowers and herbs needed for our craft. Using our lore we would maintain these special places all year round, so that we would never fall foul of the changing seasons. The secrets of our lore were passed down from mother to daughter through our bloodlines, a legacy of knowledge and power used for the good of those we cared for and watched over.

But times change; peoples fear and mistrust of our abilities grew. They began to believe we were the cause of many of the illnesses and diseases that took their loved ones. We were blamed for the accidents and the bad luck that struck their villages.

Faces of acceptance soon turned to those of hatred and scorn. The name healer disappeared and was replaced by the word ‘witch’. 

We were forced from our homes with threats and fire; we turned to Mother
Nature to protect us, hiding away in the deep dark places of the woods and forests. Our precious gardens were found and destroyed, the soil sown with salt so that nothing would ever grow again. 

In desperation we sought others of our kind. We banded together and huddled in fear and self-pity. With our world crumbling around us, we fell to despair and looked to our lore for answers.

We found none.

Gathering together those of us who remained we decided that there was no
place left for us in this world. With tears and heartbreak we took sharpened blades and spilled our lifeblood to the earth that had been so good to us, calling out to the darkness in woe.

It was at this moment that the All Mother heard our call and answered. Power and ancient knowledge infused our bodies, its terrible secrets lashing at our minds but we were beyond caring. We had called out to the darkness, called out to the world to help us right a wrong. 

The Wildborn