Zeus is the beloved cat of Professor Zachary Lazarus. Zeus came into the Professor's life whilst on a dig in Egypt. The local feral cat was full of character and managed to get himself into all sorts of trouble with both the expedition team and the locals but no-one could deny it was the best rat catcher they had ever come across and would often be seen prey in mouth chewing away on it's most recent victim.

When it came time to leave the Professor couldn't help himself and arranged for the cat to return with him back to the United States but after a few weeks the Professor found Zeus struggling to settle and losing weight and not touching the food they laid out for him. Having seen the cat in action he worked out what the problem was and headed to the University. In the medical department he managed to procure a number of rats that were supposed to be used for medical testing and upon returning home he let the five rats loose upon the driveway. Only a few days later he was happy to find Zeus sat upon one of the outbuildings walls chewing away on a fat rat. The change was almost instant as Zeus settled down into his new home and every couple of weeks the Professor procured some more rats and let them loose for him to hunt.

Months passed and whilst in study of the Priory's lore the Professor came across a spell of bonding to animals which would build an unbreakable bond using his arcane skills. After learning and gathering the necessary materials he decided that to be able to communicate with Zeus would help with some the the issues around the house. A number of the antique tables had become victims of a good clawing as well, as a number of the heavy velvet curtains requiring repair at considerable cost after being climbed on numerous occasions.

After tracking down Zeus who was in a favourite spot and a little bit of complaining the Professor brought him into his study which contained the artefacts he had recovered over the years including some from the very site where he had met Zeus. Gathering his power he began using the words he had learned and burning the items in the order he was supposed to, smoke formed and moved around the room settling on various objects becoming moving once more. But a more powerful soul was in the room that day within one of the artefacts he had returned home with, the trapped soul of an Egyptian High Priest which the smoke touched and moulded to take control of the body of the cat leaving the Professor thinking he had failed in his attempt. But the strong independence of Zeus could not be overcome and a war of souls began within the cats slight body, neither able to gain the upper hand for very long.

Zeus has a close bond with the Professor who with practice has managed to learn to use the cat as a conduit for some of his arcane abilities but the cat can be wily as all cats are, yet there are times when the Professor almost believes Zeus is understanding every word he says with an intelligence more than any mere animal.